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John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

Nativity Season 1, Episode 1

Y6 set the scene musically, as Mary tells husband-to-be Joseph about her incredible news.

Nativity Season 1, Episode 2

Y5 retell the journey to Bethlehem after Mary and Joseph hear Caesar’s decree. With BSL.

Nativity Season 1, Episode 3

Y4 re-enact the epic journey of Mary and Joseph as they try to find somewhere to stay. An innkeeper takes pity on them, but can only offer them meagre accommodation.

Nativity Season 1, Episode 4

Some impressive special effects and acting cameos from Y3 as the animals approach the stable for a closer look at the new-born baby.

Nativity Season 2, Episode 1

Y2 sing and narrate as the shepherds make their entrance into our story. Filmed entirely on location.

Nativity Season 2, Episode 2

Y1’s upbeat musical number sees the arrival of the Three Wise Men. An award-winning array of funky crowns feature in this episode, created by the Y1 costume department!

Nativity Season 2, Episode 3

Children from Class LS narrate the story, sing a lullaby and offer a special welcome to the baby Jesus.

Nativity Season 2, Episode 4

Reception children gather together to close the story. An all-singing, all-dancing cast appears in this musical season finale. Filmed on location.