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Abernant 2018

Friday 16th November


Just time for a final few challenges

AbFri1  AbFri2

 AbFri9  AbFri14

AbFri4  AbFri6

AbFri7  AbFri8

AbFri10  AbFri11

AbFri12  AbFri13


A few more photos from yesterday


Thursday 15th November

A lovely last evening


AbThurs22  AbThurs21

AbThurs24  AbThurs44

'Mr. Blue Sky'




Under pressure

AbThurs28  AbThurs29

Going up the wall

AbThurs43  AbThurs39

AbThurs40  AbThurs42

 It's really been the GREAT outdoors this week!

AbThurs17  AbThurs18

AbThurs19  AbThurs20

AbThurs25  AbThurs26

AbThurs27  AbThurs30

AbThurs31  AbThurs41

AbThurs34  AbThurs35

AbThurs37  AbThurs38


Year 6 celebrating the sunshine and celebrating someone's special day...

AbThurs5  AbThurs6

...and you can't celebrate on an empty stomach!

AbThurs3  AbThurs2

AbThurs4  AbThurs1

AbThurs7  AbThurs8


Another great selection of photos from yesterday's activities

 AbWed24  AbWed25

AbWed26  AbWed27

AbWed28  AbWed29

AbWed30  AbWed31

AbWed32  AbWed33

AbWed34  AbWed35

AbWed36  AbWed37  AbWed38 


AbWed40  AbWed41  AbWed39


AbWed42  AbWed48  AbWed43

AbWed44  AbWed45  AbWed46  AbWed47

AbWed49  AbWed50  AbWed51  AbWed52


Wednesday 14th November

Enjoying the weather (it would be rude not to!)

AbWed4  AbWed5

AbWed6  AbWed23

AbWed16  AbWed17

AbWed19  AbWed20

AbWed21  AbWed22


More hanging around, yawn (not!!)

AbWed8  AbWed10

AbWed11  AbWed12

AbWed13  AbWed14

AbWed7  AbWed9

On guard!

AbWed1  AbWed2

AbWed3  AbWed15

Tuesday 13th November

What a glorious start to the day!


AbTues2  AbTues3

AbTues4  AbTues5

AbTues6  AbTues7

Hitting the target...

AbTues8  AbTues9

AbTues13  AbTues10

  AbTues11  AbTues12  

AbTues14  AbTues15

 What a day for a bike ride!

AbTues16 AbTues17

AbTues18 AbTues20 AbTues19

...or just hanging about...

AbTues21  AbTues22

AbTues23  AbTues24

AbTues26  AbTues29

AbTues27  AbTues28

AbTues25  AbTues30

AbTues48  AbTues47

AbTues49  AbTues50

AbTues51  AbTues52

...or taking to the high seas (suitably refreshed of course!)

AbTues31  AbTues43

AbTues33  AbTues34

AbTues35  AbTues36

AbTues37  AbTues38

AbTues39  AbTues40

AbTues41  AbTues42

AbTues44  AbTues32

  AbTues45  AbTues46  

AbTues53  AbTues54

AbTues55  AbTues56

AbTues57  AbTues58  AbTues59

Monday 12th November

More photos from Monday's activities:

AbMon14 AbMon16 AbMon15 

AbMon17 AbMon18


 AbMon20 AbMon21

Year 6 have arrived safely and are already getting stuck into the activities (and dinner!), as you can see:

Ab1  AbMon2  AbMon3

AbMon4  AbMon5  AbMon6

AbMon7     AbMon8     AbMon9     AbMon10

AbMon11  AbMon12  AbMon13

Abernant 2017

Monday 13th November

Year 6 have arrived safely at Abernant and have already been VERY busy!! Click here for this year's photos.

Abernant 2016

Friday 18th November

Year 6 arrived back safely from Abernant on Friday afternoon after what has obviously been an amazing week!

Click here for the photos.

Run 2 Rio  2016 Summer Olympics logo.svg 

22nd July 2016

The final total raised from the Run 2 Rio event was a wonderful £734.85 which will be split equally between the two charities chosen by the children: Make a Wish Foundation and Help for Heroes. Thank you all for your support of this.

15th July 2016

Message from Mr Gould: This week, we believe we finally reached Rio. The children have received messages from both Dame Kelly Holmes and Sir Steve Redgrave (see below) during the course of the event which has made it extra special. Thank you to those who have sent in sponsor money already. If you have any left to bring in, please do so by Tuesday 19 July, so that Enterprise Club can count it and it can be sent to the two charities chosen by the children: Make a Wish Foundation and Help for Heroes.

8th July 2016

We have received another message of encouragement, this time from Sir Steve Redgrave, Five times Olympic Gold Medallist:

"Congratulations to all those involved in the sponsored 'Run to Rio' campaign organised by Enterprise Club.  Well done for raising money for such great charities.  You are all winners.  Good luck."

Sir Steven Redgrave CBE DL is a retired British rower who won gold medals at five consecutive Olympic Games from 1984 to 2000. He has also won three Commonwealth Games gold medals and nine World Rowing Championships golds. He is regarded as one of Britain's greatest-ever Olympians, the most successful male rower in Olympic history, and the only person to have won gold medals at five Olympic Games in an endurance sport.

Steve Redgrave

30th June, 2016

Captain Hames visited school today and spent time with many classes, working with them on different exercise regimes. The (rain affected) total so far is 2608 miles. Well done – we can make it to Rio!

28th June, 2016

Just in case anyone needs further encouragement to take part in this exciting event, here's a message received via voicemail from former athlete Dame Kelly Holmes, MBE, DBE.:

"Hi to everyone at Madeley Primary School. It's Dame Kelly Holmes here, double Olympic Champion, and I've heard that you're doing a Run to Rio, what a great idea! I hope that you all enjoy it. Doesn't matter if you walk, jog or run your mile every day but make sure that you do it and try and raise loads and loads of money.  Rio's going to be fascinating again I'm sure in terms of all the events that you'll see, all the sports that you'll see on television.  There'll be a lot of superstars that come out of that and hopefully some really great British performances but, for now, make sure you enjoy sport because sport is something that's so special to have in your lives because it increases your confidence, it makes you healthier and fitter and I'm sure lots more things that your teachers will tell you so have fun and I hope you do well.  Bye!!"

Kelly specialised in 800 metres and 1500 metres events, won gold medals for both distances at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and was named BBC Sports Personalty in the same year. She set British records in numerous events and still holds the records over the 600, 800, 1000, and 1500 metres distances. Click on the picture to watch her winning 800m Gold (the first of the double) in Athens.  The look on her face when she realises she has won is fantastic!

kelly holmes

22nd June, 20162016 Summer Olympics logo.svg

Three days in, here are some comments from Year 6:

"Before we started, I wasn't excited but now it's fun"
          "It's good daily exercise"
                    "I thought it would be good before - and it is!"
                              "It encourages a healthy attitude"
"It's a good way to exercise"
          "I like how we are helping ourselves and other people too"
                    "It feels better knowing you are helping someone else"
                              "I didn't think I'd be able to run a mile but I'm really pleased and proud that I can"

20th June, 2016

Despite the torrential rain during the morning the event started today, as scheduled, once the clouds cleared.  Enthusiastic groups of children, from 4 year olds in Reception through to their much taller fellow pupils in Year 6, were observed at various points during the day completing their playground laps.  Year 1 weren't the only ones who needed a little encouragement to ensure they stayed on track rather than walking in ever decreasing circles!

Week beginning 13/6/2016

Run 2 Rio is a sponsored event organised by Enterprise Club starting on Monday 20 June. The aim of the event is to run (or walk) the distance between Telford and Rio to celebrate the Olympic Games.  Over the course of 3 weeks, every child (and some adults) in the school will run, jog or walk 1 mile each day and hopefully, by the end of this time, we will have covered the 5764 miles to Rio.  All money raised will be split equally between Make a Wish Foundation and Help for Heroes.  This fits in with the focus on the Olympics this summer and also supports this half term’s Christian Value of “Service and the Community”.  Members of the Y6 Enterprise Club have been very busy this week giving presentations to other classes about this project. 


Condover 2015

Y6 have spent the week at Condover where they have challenged themselves in all sorts of activities with many of them surprising themselves with their successes. All came back safe and sound (but very tired). This successful visit could not have happened without the dedication of the many staff involved, thanks go to them all.

Friday, 16th October


Thursday, 15th October

A raft of ideas...

  Thurs2 Thurs1 Thurs11

Thurs23  Thurs4  Thurs15  Thurs16  Thurs7  Thurs21


Completely ab-zorb-ed!

                              Thurs3    Thurs12

Climbing the walls...

 Thurs6 Thurs20 Thurs10  

Thurs17  Thurs18  Thurs19  Thurs25  Thurs24  Thurs13  Thurs14   

Auditions for the next James Bond ?

   Thurs8  Thurs9  Thurs22

Our last evening

  Thurs26  Thurs27  Thurs28


Wednesday, 14th October









Tuesday, 13th October

 Tues1  Tues2  Tues3  

Tues4  Tues5  Tues6  

Tues7  Tues8  Tues9

Tues11  Tues12  Tues13

Tues14  Tues15  Tues16

  Tues18  Tues19  Tues20  Tues10  Tues17

Monday, 12th October

Year 6 arrived safely this afternoon and, by the look of it, spent the afternoon working up an appetite:

Food glorious food!

 Food 1   Food 2

 Food 3

11th November, 2014

Year 6 children went to RAF Cosford today to take part in a very special remembrance service specifically for us, with a few members of the public and war veterans. The service was led by Rev Alan Walden with some of the children reading poems and laying wreaths. This was a very moving time and the children were impeccable. After the service, the glass poppies which they helped to create were unveiled which you may have seen on Central News. We have been given one poppy to keep in school, while ten will be kept at RAF Cosford for up to a year before being distributed around the country.  Click on the link below for more details.


School children commemorate the fallen at Cosford