• Welcome to John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School. This half term, we are focusing on the Christian value of 'Courage'. Let us know how you've been courageous in your everyday life.

John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

If you missed our September Open Days, please don't worry - we'd love to show you round later in the term.

We will be open for prospective parents of children starting Reception in September 2020 on the following dates:

Tuesday 26 November @ 9.15am

Wednesday 4 December @ 9.15am

Wednesday 4 December @ 6.00pm.

We'd love to see you here - feel free to bring along your children so they can see us too. If you can call the school to let us know to expect you, that would be great, but if you can't please just turn up anyway :)

This gives you plenty of time to apply, or even change your preferences if you've already applied. The deadline for applications or alterations is 15 January 2020.