• Welcome to John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School. This half term, we are focusing on the Christian value of 'Courage'. Let us know how you've been courageous in your everyday life.

John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

CHAT Book Blurbs 2019-2020

Filename Size Date
Autumn Term Week 3.docx 33.7KB 24/09/2019
Autumn Term Week 4.pdf 197.9KB 24/09/2019
Autumn Term Week 5.pdf 343.2KB 03/10/2019
Autumn Term Week 6.pdf 223.4KB 04/10/2019
Autumn Term Week 7.pdf 201.0KB 14/10/2019
Autumn Term Week 8.pdf 355.2KB 21/10/2019
Autumn Term Week 9.pdf 253.0KB 29/10/2019
Autumn Term Week 10.pdf 190.5KB 11/11/2019
Autumn Term Week 11.pdf 270.8KB 18/11/2019
Autumn Term Week 12.pdf 195.9KB 26/11/2019
Autumn Term Week 13.pdf 279.2KB 29/11/2019
Autumn Term Week 14.pdf 295.6KB 09/12/2019
Autumn Term Week 15.pdf 257.0KB 16/12/2019
Spring term week 1.pdf 222.0KB 20/12/2019
Spring term week 2.pdf 240.5KB 10/01/2020
Spring term week 3.pdf 205.0KB 26/01/2020
Spring Term Week 4.pdf 368.6KB 28/01/2020
Spring Term Week 5.pdf 387.1KB 07/02/2020
Spring Term Week 6.pdf 366.1KB 07/02/2020
Spring Term Week 7.pdf 364.0KB 14/02/2020
Spring Term Week 8.pdf 404.3KB 28/02/2020
Spring Term Week 9.pdf 372.8KB 06/03/2020
Spring Term Week 10.pdf 196.6KB 18/03/2020
Spring Term Week 11.pdf 154.5KB 19/03/2020