A warm welcome to
John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School
and a very special welcome to
Classes RG and RV!

We consider that the relationship between
school and home is important and hope you will
find the following information helpful.

Miss Grainger and Mrs Vincent

Child, Home and Teacher (CHAT)

The ‘CHAT’ book is a form of dialogue between school and home.  Each week we will add a short description of the following week’s theme and activities. We will write comments and add photos to share your child’s progress with you.  We would love for you and your child to add notes, photos and drawings etc. to the book.

The book will be collected in each Wednesday (RV) and Thursday (RG) so we can read any comments, add our own, and stick in photos and next week’s blurb (which will also appear on the website (click here)).  We will return the book to your child each Friday.

We hope you find the book informative.  Please let us know if there is anything else you would like us to add.

Letters and Sounds

Every day the children will take part in a twenty minute Letters and Sounds lesson.  The children will learn the sounds of the letters, how to blend them together to read words, how to segment them to spell words and to recognise and read high frequency and tricky words.

We will stick a short description of the sounds and words we have learnt each week into your child’s CHAT book and we will send home letter and word strips so the children can practise building words with letters and word recognition.  These letter and word strips should be cut into cards and kept at home.  We will assess each child’s knowledge of Letters and Sounds at the end of each Phase.  Phase One should have been covered in Nursery and we will continue it incidentally during your child’s time in Reception.  We will begin our lessons with Phase Two.  This should last approximately five weeks.  The children will then be assessed and, if ready, they will move onto Phase Three.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Click here for more information about Phonics.

Jolly Phonics Actions

Click here for a list of the actions we use for teaching Phonics.

Cursive Handwriting

At John Fletcher of Madeley Primary we teach the children cursive handwriting in which every letter starts on the baseline.  Examples of the letter formation can be seen in the CHAT books (as your browser may not support a cursive font, the key words may appear confusing).

Letters fall into 4 family groups depending on their shape.

Ladder Letters
l   i   j   t  y  u
Key words to use when teaching this family group are:
Sweep up the ladder, down the ladder and exit

One-armed Robot Letters
r  n  m  h  b  p  k
Key words to use when teaching this family group are:
Sweep up the robot, down the robot, up the robot and down his arm and exit

Caterpillar Letters
c  o  a  d  g  q  s  f  e 
Key words to use when teaching this family group are:
Sweep up the caterpillar, pause, reverse, round and exit.

Zigzag Monsters
w   v   x   w  
Key words to use when teaching this family group are:
Sweep up the monster, down, up and exit.

Apps and Websites

A few parents have requested a list of apps and websites that can be used to support the children’s learning at home.  Some of the apps and sites we use in the classroom have been purchased by the school and so are not available for use at home.  The following is a list of apps and sites which should be accessible.

Busy Things (lots of different games etc available – all good)
Mr Thorne Does Phonics
Digit Monsters
Finger Count

Websites (Login details will be in your child's CHAT book) (Login details will be in your child's CHAT book)