• Welcome to John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School.
  • This half term, we are focusing on the Christian value of ''Service and Community'. Let us know how you have been serving the community in your everyday life.

John Fletcher of Madeley

Primary School

Welcome to John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School

School Updates

Important Update from the Chair of the Board of Governors

Mr Paul Owens

Chair of Governors

John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School

Upper Road




21 Jun 2020

Dear Staff and Parents of JFoMPS        

The Governors are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Stacey Griffiths as the new Headteacher of John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School.

During a rigorous, and due to Covid restrictions, unique selection process involving Governors, representatives of both the Methodist and Church of England education services and the Local Authority, Ms Griffiths stood out as an exceptional candidate.

Ms Griffiths is an experienced headteacher, who is currently Exec Head teacher of St Luke's RC Primary, Telford & St Peter & St Paul's RC Primary, Newport.

I know that Ms Griffiths is looking forward to meeting and working with staff, parents and pupils to take forward our joint vision for the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Owens

Chair of Governors



School is now open for Phased Return


Update on Phased Re-opening of school

The Governing Body have met yesterday and have decided to initiate the phased re-opening of school from the 15th June 2020.  This decision was made in light of the current national situation and data regarding COVID 19 in conjunction with the risk assessments and measures put in place by us as a school.  In line with guidelines from the Government, this phased re-opening will initially only be for children from Year R, 1 and 6.  Please see below for the planned rotation of classes:

All parents from these classes should have been contacted by text message.  Please let us know by emailing a3152@telford.gov.uk or texting 07964 549976 whether or not you intend your child to return to school on the suggested dates.  Please refer to the original letters that were sent out to all parents in these year groups and are available on this webpage.

All risk assessments have been assessed and agreed by the Local Authority and school policies have been updated in line with these.  There have been a lot of changes inside and outside the school building to ensure that we adhere to the current advice regarding social distancing.



Dear Parents,

I hope that you are all ok and that this glorious sunshine is helping to make life a little easier. We as a school have been working extremely hard to ensure that we are ready for the school opening and you may notice some new sign and stars have appeared in preparation for this. The ribbons are looking so lovely and the messages that have been added have cheered us up.

Governors’ Decision

The Board of Governors have been in discussion and have come to the decision that school will not open on the 1st June, 2020. This has been based on the scientific data linked to the SAGE and in line with pupil, staff and community safety and well-being. It has been proposed that the school now aims to open on 15th June, 2020 however, this will be subject to a decision made at a further Full Governing Body meeting on 10th June, 2020. Parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will have already received letters via email (also available on the website in Phased Return tab) specifying weeks that your child/children can access school learning. Due to the changes in opening, this effectively would be Week 3 of the original planned return and would mean that 6C and 1N would be returning during the week beginning 15th June. If you are a parent of a child/children in 6C who has informed us that you planned for your child/children to be in school next week, please text or email me so that I know you are aware of the new proposed opening date.

Please see below a letter from the Chair of Governors –

28 May 2020


Dear Parents and Staff,


I am writing to inform you that after careful consideration and risk assessment, John Fletcher of Madeley Primary school’s Governing body do not feel that it is safe, as of yet, to re-open the school to Reception, Yr1 or Yr6 children on the 1st June 20. This has been supported by the Senior Leadership Team.


This decision is based on the risk to the community, staff and children. It is our intention to undertake a phased re-opening from Monday 15th June, giving school more time to ensure staffing and school buildings are ready, to provide a safe environment for all our children, staff and parents.


The Governing Body fully appreciate the hard work shown by staff to make the school safe for children and would like to acknowledge their dedication and commitment.


The School will continue to support Home Learning and to provide provision for key worker’s children and our vulnerable children.


Yours Sincerely



Paul Owens


Emergency Childcare Provision


Thank you to all the parents who have got in touch about the Emergency Childcare Provision. If your child/children is accessing the provision for the first time, we have created a new booklet with information that you will require. This will be emailed to you and is also available on the school website in our Phased Return tab. Those of you who have had children attending prior to the holidays will be aware of how this works however, there are a few changes that we have already discussed with you and you can check in the booklet.


If you have any further questions or need any further support, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We as a school are doing everything we can to make sure that this phased return to school is as safe as possible for everyone. I’m sorry if this has caused any in-convenience for any of you – these decisions are not taken lightly.


Enjoy the sunshine and endless opportunities to go outside.

Best wishes,

Mrs Welsh

Head of School




Dear Parents,

Well the sun is shining and the ribbons are blowing outside our lovely school and we are all still missing having the children here. Thank you for all the lovely emails and phone calls that we have had telling us about what you’ve been doing. If you are out for a walk near the school it would be lovely if you could add a ribbon to our existing ones.

Phased Return to School

If you are a parent/carer of a pupil in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6, you would have received an email yesterday with information about returning to school.  On this letter would have been given the dates your child potentially can come in to school from the 1st June. The school reopening on 1st June will be based on decisions made by the Board of Governors who will be meeting on Thursday 28th May, 2020. I am so sorry that I cannot open that up to all year groups but we have 348 children in our school and it would be irresponsible of me to allow that many people on to the site at one time - plus parents.  We are going to operate a rota system of one class from Year 1, Year 6 and Reception each week.  This way it minimises the number of people on site.  It will give parents and children of one class the chance to learn the changes coming in and out of the school before the next one attends.  If we feel that with 3 classes on the site at one time we can open it up to a fourth and so on we will offer it to another year group. We have placed a tab (at the top) on the website called Phased Return to School. We have the booklet for returning to school along with some other year group specific letters. This is where we will add further documents once they are approved by Governors. We have also put some government recommended helpful links for children to access in regards to Covid19.

Parents of Children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 6

If you are choosing not to send your child back in to school, and it is totally your decision, please could you give school a ring to let them know so we know approximate numbers.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Emergency Care Provision

This will be closed over the half term holiday and will reopen on Monday 1st June.  The times for the provision will change to 8.30am - 3.15pm.  Please use the pedestrian gate by Kid4KS2 gate to enter and leave on the one way system out through the St. Michael’s Close alleyway gate.  In a change to current provision, we are now offering packed meals (in line with school) which can be paid for online in the usual way. Of course pupils are can bring their own lunch. We will be revising the list of children and days to access the provision as you can imagine more people are now requiring it.   If you are a key worker and need your child to have a provision place can you please make sure you let us know the days you require asap.  If you usually have a place in the provision and have not yet spoken to Miss Wilkes please email her with these details at stephanie.wilkes@taw.org.uk

Home Learning

Next week is half term and when we return it is the start of Summer term. In order to support home learning for this coming term, we will be creating a Home Learning Summer 2 folder. Of course the Oak National Academy Learning will also continue. As I continue to say this is not compulsory and you know how your child/children learn best. Keep those photographs coming in as we plan to start a Home Learning Gallery

I fully appreciate that these are very anxious and tricky times for all parents and you may be undecided about your child returning to school. Please be assured that we as a school, fully support any decision that you will make. Be assured that the safety, well-being and mental health of all our pupils, parents and staff is paramount in any decisions that we (including the Board of Governors) are making. We are always here to support you in any way that we can.

Enjoy the sunshine and endless opportunities to go outside J

Best wishes,

Mrs Welsh

Head of School







Dear Parents,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe during this very unsettling period of time!

Phased Return to re-opening of our school

Following the announcement from the Government last Sunday and the daily guidance sent out to us over the last week, I have been taking part in many discussions to ensure we make the right decision for our school about us re-opening.   As you know the Government has asked for schools to begin a phased return for Year 6, Year 1 and Reception from the 1st June.   This is still not confirmed yet as it will be based on scientific evidence.  IF the school does open from 1st June here is the plan:

  • It will only be open to one class in each year group at one time and we will alternate the class each week.  This will control the number of pupils in school and make sure we can continue to manage movement around school safely.
  • We will continue to provide  for children of Key Workers and vulnerable learners
  • We will keep the numbers in each classroom to no more than 15 pupils.  This will make sure we can keep 2m social distancing and minimise contact with pupils.    (This is the reason for only one class each time so they can be spread over the 2 classrooms)
  • We will make sure that children will be taught by the same adult(s) for the week. This will minimise any potential spread of infection.
  • We will organise break times and lunch times in a staggered way to enable pupils to be spread out as much as possible.
  • We will provide hand washing and cleaning equipment in every class and with the small numbers in each class, children will regularly wash their hands.
  • We will make sure children will have their own equipment to use and there will be very little sharing of equipment as this will stop cross contamination as much as possible.
  • There will be one way systems to enter and leave the school grounds when dropping off and collecting so as to minimise contact with each other.
  • We will continue to provide online learning activities for year groups not in school, as well as learning for the classes, who are learning at home in the week they are not able to attend.

As Parents we ask you:

  • Do not send your child into school if they are unwell or show any symptoms of illness and to inform us as you would do normally.
  • Do not enter the classrooms with your child.   We want to minimise contact with others inside the building.
  • All children (including Y6) must be bought to and collected from school by an adult. Drop off and collection procedures will be provided in the booklet you will receive.

More details will follow over the next week.  We will be sending an email to you with an information booklet to all Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 parents by the end of next week.  This will give you more information and potential start dates.  We will be using the email addresses that you have given us when registering - if for any reason you have changed this or need it to go to a different email please email nicola.smith2@taw.org.uk

I need to stress to you all that this will be a very slow phased return and only when we feel that the school is able to invite more year groups back in to school will we do so.  Keep regularly checking the website.

I'm sure many of you have lots of questions or anxieties about returning to school.  Please wait for the year group letter & information booklet (only Y6, Y1 & R) later in the week and if the answers to your questions aren't in there then please ring or email school to ask your questions.  

Emergency Care Provision 

The Emergency Care Provision will be shut from Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May so that school can be fully cleaned and prepared for re-opening as a school.  The provision will start back up again on Monday 1st June and will remain open for Key Worker and vulnerable children throughout the rest of this academic school year.

Meal Vouchers

In case you have forgotten, as all weeks are merging in to one at the moment, it is half term the week beginning 25th May.  Meal vouchers will not be supplied for this week.  From the 1st June, this scheme starts up again and you will continue to receive the vouchers unless we have offered your child to be in school - where they can then access their normal cooked lunch.

Home Learning 

Thank you for continuing to let us know how you are getting on with your Home Learning activities. I hope this continues to happen as it really does brighten myself and the staff’s day. As I have said, many children learn in different ways and it has been lovely to see and hear about all the things that you and your children have been doing. Remember that we update our Home Learning on the website weekly. Also this is the case for our First News Newspaper link which not only provides an interesting read but also provides activities to complete based on this. Again we have the Oak National Academy online learning, activities set by school. There are also all the other usual online learning opportunities that we have always encouraged TTRockstars. Mathletics and Bug Club.

I fully appreciate that these past eight weeks have been extremely difficult for everyone and we as a school have had to make lots of changes because of Government guidelines. Hopefully the changes to accessing unlimited exercise will help with getting outdoors more and enjoying the sunshine. Thank you for being so supportive of all that we have been doing and I hope that you feel that we have also been here to support you in many ways. As we move forward into the next phase, I know that this will bring new challenges but please be assured that everything we do as a school has the safety of all pupils, parents and staff at the heart of it.

Take care and be kind to yourselves. You are doing an amazing job!

Best wishes,

Mrs Welsh

Head of School





Dear Parents,

We hope that you have all had a lovely bank holiday celebrating 75 years of VE Day and also enjoyed the glorious sunshine. By now a lot of you will have received a call from the class teachers and they have all been telling me how lovely it was to chat to all of you and catch up on what you’ve all been doing. If you haven’t still received a call, this will be happening throughout the week.

Government Update

At 7:00pm last night, I am sure you like most of tuned into the announcement from Boris Johnson. You will have seen the Government announcement at the same time as us and will obviously have some queries or questions. At this stage we are waiting to receive more information from government about what this means for our school.  When this is clearer, we will be in a better position to answer your questions and provide a plan of action. In the short-term, nothing has changed and we will provide you with further information in the coming days and weeks once I am able to. 

The announcement suggested a phase return for Year 6, Year 1 and Reception which may start from 1st June.  Please be assured any plans we make, I will inform you of within plenty of time of any start date.  Any decisions made will be the in the best interest of this school, pupils, parents and staff.

Home Learning

As I continue to re-iterate, specific learning is not compulsory however there are children and parents who find having different activities available helps with structuring the day. We have provided you with a variety of different ways that you can support learning at home on our school website – Classes - Home Learning and Home Learning Summer 1 . We are receiving a lot of requests for log in details for Bug Club, Mathletics and TTRockstars and just want to remind you that these can be found in CHAT books (Reception – Y3) and also in reading journals. We would also like to point out that when you log into TTRockstars there is a new programme available called NumBots that you can access. Don’t forget that we also have the Oak National Academy online learning, activities set by school and you can also involve lots of learning for life. It has been lovely to have so many emails and photographs that we have been able to put on the website in our Home Learning Gallery. Remember if you do send any photographs, please state that ‘I give permission for these photographs to be shared on the school website.’ Also within each of the year group home learning sites, we have placed a colouring sheet named – all in this together John Fletcher of Madeley. Thank you Mrs Young for very kindly creating this for us. I look forward to seeing how you have coloured these.

Please do get in touch if you need any support and we will help in any way we can.


Keep well. Stay safe.

Best wishes

Mrs Welsh

Head of School






Dear Parents,

Well another week has gone by and we have been starting our catch up calls with you and your families. It has been so lovely for your teachers to hear all the things that you have been doing and have a chat with you. If you haven’t yet received your call, this will be happening throughout the next week. If you do receive a missed call the teachers will try again so there is no need to call the school.

We are still getting our daily updates and passing on information that is requested to Telford and Wrekin. As I have told many parents, we have no prior knowledge as to when we will open as a school. However, as soon as I know I will definitely let you know what the plan is.

Emergency School Provision 

Our Emergency Childcare Provision is still open 8.30am - 3pm everyday.  This provision is for our Key worker and/or vulnerable families. If you are a key worker who has been not required this provision previously but are returning to work, let us know which day/days you require the provision by email or phone. Please do get in touch if you want support - 01952 388188.

Home Learning

Lots of families are learning in lots of different ways and the important thing is that you are all happy and safe. This week I have received lots of emails with photographs showing all the amazing things that you are doing at home. These have really cheered myself and your teachers up. We have created a gallery on the website in

Pupils (tab at the top) - Home Learning Gallery

If you would like to join our gallery, please email me at rhonda.welsh@taw.org and please ensure that you say that you give permission for the photographs to be used on the website.

Free school meals national voucher scheme

You may be aware that Aldi has now been approved to join the list of supermarkets that will redeem vouchers secured through the free school meals national voucher scheme. Just to confirm, the other supermarkets are Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, M&S, Asda and Morrisons. Schools will be able to order vouchers for Aldi through Edenred from Monday (27 April).


Reception Transition

Just a note to all those parents whose children are due to start Reception in September. We as a school pride ourselves on our transition programme however, due to the situation we find ourselves in, this will not take its usual form. Mrs Wilkinson (Head of EYFS) and I are currently working together to adapt this. You will be receiving a letter next week by email giving you further instructions as to how this will work. Also be assured that we will adapt in whatever way we need, to ensure that your child has the best start to their school life.


24/7 Emergency Mental Health Helpline


The Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust (the Trust that manages the BeeU Service) has launched an all age emergency mental health helpline that is staffed 24 hours a day for 7 days per week. Further information can be found at: https://www.mpft.nhs.uk/emergency-help or telephone 0300 124 0365.

As I keep saying, we are here for you and can support in many ways. So let’s hope that the sun comes out this weekend. Looking forward to hearing from you and remember that you are all doing amazingly well.

Keep well. Stay safe J

Best wishes

Mrs Welsh

Head of School













Dear Parents

We hope that you are all ok during these very unusual times and that the fact that it has been sunny has perhaps made things a little brighter. School is a very different place and it has been lovely to have the opportunity to catch up with a number of parents and pupils on the telephone and through emails. Over the next few weeks we plan to be touch with each family and look forward to hearing what exciting things you have been doing.

During this time, things are continually changing on a daily basis and we as a school are keeping up to date with Government advice and guidance. In light of this and communication we receive from Telford & Wrekin Local Authority we have a few updates.

Emergency School Provision
Our Emergency Childcare Provision is still open 8.30am - 3pm everyday. This provision is for our Key Worker and/or vulnerable families. If you are a key worker who has been not requiring this provision previously but are returning to work, let us know which day/days you require the provision by email or phone. Please do get in touch if you want support - 01952 388188.

Free School Meal Vouchers
I am pleased that so many of you have now successfully received your Free School Meals vouchers for the week beginning 20th April and this has been the case for the Easter vouchers too. If you have not already been in contact and have not received your vouchers, please check in your Spam or Junk email as we have some vouchers showing as live rather than redeemed. Those of you who have been in touch already know that we try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Thank you again Mrs Smith.

Home Learning
The resources that we have put on the website have gratefully received by many parents however, we cannot stress enough that these are not compulsory activities to complete. Pupils will have different ways in which they will learn over this period and the opportunity to life skills at this time is priceless.
The Government has worked over the last through weeks to create an online learning website called the Oak National Academy. Every week they will be creating 180 video lessons each week for schools to use and include a broad range of subjects (I have learned how to say 1-10 in Spanish!). The lesson cover children in Reception through to Year 6.
This Oak National Academy can be accessed at:
We have provided a guide to this in: 
Classes (top of website) – Select year group – Home Learning Summer 1 – Oak National Academy Guide
The site is split into subjects also into schedules (which gives a mix of subjects sequenced across the week).
This is another way that your child/children may wish to access learning but is not compulsory.

Extra, Extra Read all about it!
As a school we subscribe to a newspaper for Primary School pupils in KS2 called First News. This is read and enjoyed by many of our pupils. To ensure this continues, we have created access to the newspaper on the website. We have also uploaded some activities linked to the newspaper that may be of interest. These will be updated on a weekly basis.
To access this:
Classes (top of website) – Select year group – First News Resources.

Finally, we as a school are trying our best to meet a variety of needs for all our pupils. Thank you to all the parents who have emailed or expressed their gratitude on the phone. We will not always get this right for everyone and if you feel that you require support that we have not thought of please call and discuss it with us. Especially at this time, in a world where you can be anything, BE KIND.

It would be lovely to read or see some more of the amazing things and work you have been doing. Email these to rhonda.welsh@taw.org.uk and I can also pass this onto your teacher too!
Keep well. Stay safe 
Best wishes
Mrs Welsh
Head of School



Dear Parents,

Firstly, I hope that in these very different and difficult times that we have faced and are facing that you and all your family are well. I know that each week I look forward to Thursday evenings when we get to applaud our NHS and key workers. We must also pay tribute to you and your children for how you are coping with this situation. I have been informed by some parents that initial routines that had been established are getting trickier to enforce and as they say, the novelty has worn off home schooling. We as a school understand that in these unprecedented times that mental health and well-being are of the utmost importance. As it is the start of a new term, we are providing support materials on the website which you may wish to use and remember - little and often is always the best option.

Home Learning

In order to help with home learning the teaching staff have added a new section to website for Summer term 1. This will include work and resources to support learning that would have occurred this term. This will be a working document and will be added to throughout this half term. To access this on the website go to

Classes tab (at the top) – select year group – Home Learning Summer 1

Please do remember if there is another topic they have an interest in encourage them to research or complete tasks on that too.  As this is all new to us all, I am trying to find 'safe' ways for the children and teachers to keep in touch as we are missing you all!  I will be in touch with more information about in the near future.

Emergency School Provision 

From Monday 20th April, our Emergency Care provision is back open.  8.30am - 3pm everyday.  This provision is for our Key worker and/or vulnerable families.  Please do get in touch if you want support - 01952 388188. I know it isn't always easy to ask for help but we are here for all our families to support in a variety of ways. Thank you to all the staff who have helped with this provision.

Free School Meal Vouchers 

I want to say a 'massive' thank you to Mrs Smith who has day and night been battling with the Meal voucher Government system.  Originally, schools were asked to set it up from the 20th April (end of the Easter holidays) which we had completed and hopefully ready for... but then the local authority asked us to fund the Easter holiday as well.  As you can imagine, the free school meal voucher system was not able to cope with the demand. It has been upgraded over the bank holiday weekend and 'Edenred' the company authorising the payments are hoping to resolve any outstanding issues quickly.  They would like to thank everyone for their patience while the system is expanded to meet the high demand.  As this system is new to us all, we have very little idea how the vouchers will work when they get through to you other than you choose the supermarket you would like to spend them in.

Hopefully, we will receive good news soon that these are all up and running and you are able to purchase the food you require.  If you are struggling with money to feed your children, please do get in touch as this is one of the ways we can support you as a school.

Telford Crisis Line

For those of you who find yourselves in financial difficulties and in need of urgent help (e.g. food parcels, gas/electric) Telford Crisis Line has got a support network that you can get in contact with – the number to call is 01952 380400, lines are opened 9:30 am – 5:30pm.

Reception Admissions 2020

The Reception allocations have been sent via email on Thursday 16th April so you should have received an email with your allocated school for September.  Any appeals need to go through Telford and Wrekin.

Sending best wishes from all of the staff.

Keep safe. Stay well

From Mrs Welsh

Head of School






Dear Parents & Carers,

Firstly, we hope that you and your families are well.  We have a few updates for you:

Emergency School Provision 

School will not be open for the next two weeks, but will reopen as an Emergency Care Provision on Monday 20th April.   If you have any concerns or need any assistance, please contact Mrs Welsh on rhonda.welsh@taw.org.uk and she will pass on your query to the appropriate person.  If you are a Key Worker and need the provision, this will be moved to William Reynolds Primary School for the next two weeks.  Contact number:  01952 388280.  

Easter Holidays...

The next two weeks are the Easter Holidays!  Free School Meals obviously would not usually be given in the holidays but we are working with the Local Authority to see if there is a possibility of them continuing.

Free School Meal Vouchers 

From Monday 20th April, you will no longer receive a packed lunch instead you will be emailed a voucher code to use at a variety of well known supermarkets.  This is a Government initiative.  In order for you to receive your weekly voucher (worth £15 for each child) we will need your email address.  It is really important that you send us your email address and names of your children as soon as possible to our Administrator, Mrs Smith, at nicola.smith2@taw.org.uk so that we can start to prepare for you to receive these on the 20th April.

Home Learning 

At the end of Easter, we will put some new home learning tasks up onto the website. The Home Learning folder for each year group can be found under the 'Classes' tab.  In this folder, each year group has got some interactive activities and topic work to complete.  If you want to email photos in to us in school we could start to display some of their fabulous work on here.  Please do try, where you can, to keep the children accessing 'Mathletics', 'Times Tables Rockstars' and 'Bug Club' or reading their own books at home.  

Best Wishes everyone

Mrs Welsh and Miss Wilkes



School is now CLOSED 

Dear Parents & Carers

We now have the detail available to us that we have been waiting for regarding who may be defined as a ‘Key Worker’ and therefore be able to consider using school based childcare provision.  The following is based on the Government’s directive to schools this morning.

We are asked to remember that, as a country, we all need to do what we can to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  That is why they Government has given clear guidance on self-isolation, household isolation and social distancing.  And the most recent scientific advice on how to further limit the spread of COVID-19 is clear.

The Government is stressing that, if children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading.  That is why the Government has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open for those children who absolutely need to attend.

The fewer children making the journey to school, and the fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society.

We will therefore provide care for a limited number of children – children who are vulnerable and children whose parents are critical to the Covid-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home.

Parents whose work is critical to the Covid-19 response include those who work in health and social care and in other key sectors outlined at the end of this letter.  Many parents working in these sectors may be able to ensure their child is kept at home.  And every child who can be safely cared for at home should be. 

We ask you to also confirm with your employer that, based on their business continuity arrangements, your specific role is necessary for the continuation of this essential public service. 

Please also follow these key principles:

  • If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be
  • Parents should do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults.

Our staff are putting their health at risk and should the number of staff becoming ill increase then we will be forced to close.

The Local Authority are working hard to deliver a Free Packed Lunch for those of the children entitled to them.  As a school we are a hub for packing the lunches and the vehicles to arrive to deliver them.  If you feel your child is entitled to a Free School Meal and have not received one please email the Local Authority on freeschoolmeals@telford.gov.uk.  Please bear with the delivery vehicles & volunteers as they are delivering over 900 lunches.

Thank you for being patient with us at this time and for all your support and kind messages.

Keep Safe, 

Mrs Welsh


Letter to all parents today

Thursday 19th March 2020

Dear Parents,

As you will be aware, Friday 20th at 3.20pm, schools will be officially closing for most children, except for a small number of children with families where both parents are working in the key areas or classed as vulnerable pupils:

NHS workers

Police and Fire

School workers

Delivery drivers

Critical infrastructure workers

We are working with Telford and Wrekin Catering Services to ensure that children in receipt of free school meals can still receive a packed lunch each day to their house.

Please understand that from Friday, school will be essentially repurposed and will be acting as an emergency care provision. There will be no breakfast club or afterschool clubs as of this Friday for any child. Unless it has been confirmed that you are entitled to the emergency care provision you child will not be able to return to school until the Government re-opens all schools. Dates for the re-opening of our school will be put on our website.

If your child is in the emergency care provision, we will be open between 8:30am and 3pm. We will be taking a register immediately. Please contact school as a matter of urgency and leave a message on our answering machine if your child is unable to attend. All children accessing the emergency care provision will need to be accompanied to,and from school. This is to secure the safety of the children. No child will be allowed to walk to or from school by themselves. Children will need a packed lunch or they can access a lunch from our catering team if free school meals. As we will be enjoying a range of activities, children will need outdoor shoes, a coat and their PE kits.  They will not be expected to wear school uniform.   We will contact you before Monday if your child is able to access the emergency care provision.

It is vital that families, for whom school is closed, check the website regularly for updates http://www.johnfletcherofmadeley.co.uk/

If we find ourselves in a position where senior leadership is compromised, all provisions will come to an end and this will be communicated as soon as possible. At this point schools are closed for the imminent future.

Thank you for your patience and support

Mrs Rhonda Welsh